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Welcome to Warung Santai, a charming, family-run restaurant that has become a favorite among French travelers with private guides. This little gem offers a delightful culinary experience that showcases the best of Balinese flavors.

At Warung Santai, the owner, Abu Made, takes great pride in preparing freshly made Balinese dishes, using traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients. Each dish is crafted with love and care, delivering authentic tastes that transport you to the heart of Bali’s culinary heritage.

Adding to the warm and inviting ambiance, Abu Made’s son and husband serenade guests with the soothing melodies of their guitars in the evening. The combination of delicious food and live music creates a truly memorable dining experience, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring the wonders of Bali.

Warung Santai offers a genuine and delightful culinary journey. Come, savor the flavors of Bali, and immerse yourself in the heartfelt hospitality of this small, family-run treasure.

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