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Taman Selini Restaurant

Taman Selini Restaurant



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In this quiet little corner of the Earth, we bring you home-cooked dishes using authentic homestyle recipes.

Simple, colourful, wholesome and rich culinaria from around the world, using fresh products from the market and our own garden produce.

Enjoy dishes from the Indonesian Archipelago with a collection of classics from West Sumatra, Java and Bali, like Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, Soto Ayam and Beef Rendang Padang style.

A delightful selection of the most popular Greek appetizers and dishes, including all time favorites Moussaka, Souvlaki roll, Greek Salad and Meze.

A rich variety of traditional Italian pasta and pizza, using homemade pita base.In this culinary journey, you will find various kinds of local fresh fish as well as vegetable dishes and new combinations of Asian Fusion are added.

The gentle sound of sea waves, along with our High Tea Selection with their cold seductive scents of Lemongrass, Rosella and other tea Impressions, will keep you company during warm evenings and not only.
We hope to arouse your curiosity and appetite.

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