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With a celebration of culture, living experiences, and creativity, Pisaga Nakal offers a delightful setting that resonates with the heart and soul. Step into the welcoming ambiance, finding solace under the shelter of a shady bamboo ceiling, embraced by the serenity of tranquil Koi Ponds and the captivating Balinese culture garden.

As you unwind and let your senses take flight, immerse yourself in the diverse flavors of our contemporary cuisine, thoughtfully prepared to tantalize your taste buds, while soothing, laid-back tunes complete the delightful atmosphere.

At Pisaga Nakal, we take immense pride in sourcing the finest ingredients and seasonings directly from the vibrant Pemuteran village, ensuring that each dish exudes exceptional taste and quality, a reflection of the local essence.

The skilled concoction team, with passion and expertise, creates beverages that perfectly complement your dining journey, elevating your relaxation and enjoyment to new heights.

Here at Pisaga Nakal, customer comfort is paramount. We are dedicated to providing the best environment for an extraordinary culinary adventure. As you bask in the heartwarming ambiance, surrounded by the serenity of the Koi Pond setting, culture, food, and relaxation harmoniously intertwine, leaving you with cherished memories that linger long after your visit. Embark on a gastronomic odyssey, embracing the spirit of Bali, and allow Pisaga Nakal to take you on an unforgettable journey of flavors and experiences.

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