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About Northwest Bali

Embark on a journey with us to uncover Bali’s most cherished secrets and its hidden gems.
 Immerse yourself in captivating stories that reveal the vibrant local culture, the lush outdoors, and inspiring community projects. 
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I stayed in Northwest Bali for 6 months. Here’s my story of staying long term in this beautiful region, and my tips for those looking to do the same.

Discover the essence of slow travel and why Northwest Bali offers the perfect setting for a deeper, more immersive travel experience away from the rush of tourist hotspots.

Explore the beauty and mysteries of West Bali National Park in our 2023 guide. Discover trekking trails, snorkeling at Menjangan Island, and the heartwarming story of the Bali Starling’s conservation.

Dive into the heart of Bali with our guide. Explore majestic waterfalls, the shimmering Bali Sea, rejuvenating hot springs, and tranquil rivers and lakes. Your ultimate aquatic adventure awaits!

Walking in Bali has long been a challenging problem. If you’re struggling to get your 10,000 steps in each day, this is the guide for you!

Discover the beauty and challenges of Bali’s sea turtles. Learn about the ongoing conservation work, where to see these marine creatures in the wild, and the threats they face.

Discover the untouched marvels of Northwest Bali, from the pristine waters of Menjangan Island to the rich cultural tapestries of Balinese temples. Dive into an adventure you’ll never forget.Discover the untouched marvels of Northwest Bali, from the pristine waters of Menjangan Island to the rich cultural tapestries of Balinese temples. Dive into an adventure you’ll never forget.

Dive deep into the spiritual heart of the island with our guide to the Temples of North West Bali. Experience the rich cultural tapestry, rituals, and majestic views that define Bali’s spiritual essence.

Dive into the beauty and history of Bali’s traditional Subak irrigation system, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Discover its religious roots, modern-day influence, and must-visit sites that shape Balinese culture.

Learn about the Bali Starling, from its endangered status to conservation efforts. Uncover its history, significance, and how you can contribute to saving this emblematic bird of Bali.

Discover North West Bali’s pristine beaches. Dive into underwater wonders, experience cultural coastal walks, and immerse in nature’s best. Explore beyond the usual beach holiday and experience a unique white sand adventure!

Explore the spiritual significance of North West Bali’s energy vortexes. Understand ley lines and their global connections, and experience transformation in Bali’s sacred sites.

Balinese architecture harmoniously blends artistry and spirituality. Homes feature pavilions made from materials like bamboo and stone, echoing Hindu and Chinese influences. Seven key philosophies rooted in Hinduism ensure a balance between humans, nature, and gods.

The Biorock project in Pemuteran has been restoring the reef for 23 years. Here’s an overview of the project and it’s history.

Dive into the rich cultural tapestry of Bali as we explore the five pivotal ceremonies that signify significant milestones in a Balinese individual’s life. From name-giving to adulthood and beyond, understand the spiritual essence of these traditions.

Unearth the spiritual essence of Bali with its captivating religious festivals. From the reflective silence of Nyepi to the vibrant celebrations of Galungan, dive into Balinese traditions and the island’s rich tapestry of faith and community. Plan your visit to coincide with these cultural marvels!

Looking for a waterfall hike in Bali? Most waterfalls are accessible within just 15-30 minutes of walking. This is the 11 best longer waterfall hikes in Bali.

Discover the best beachfront accommodations in North West Bali. From luxury villas to budget-friendly hostels, find the perfect seaside escape for every traveler.

Dive deep into Bali’s mystical traditions. Explore Balinese Astrology’s roots, its connection with Vedic practices, and discover how the stars influence destiny on the Island of the Gods.

Discover the unique efforts of Metamorfosa in Sumberkima, Bali, where reef restoration meets art through the Wish Tree Project. Dive in to learn how tourists and locals join hands in this eco-initiative.

Discover the ideal times to visit North West Bali. Dive into our comprehensive guide for insights on the dry and wet seasons, activities, and travel tips.

Planning a snorkeling trip to Menjangan Island? This guide will help you understand the cost, where to stay, best operators, and more.

Need help with planning a diving trip to Menjangan Island? This article helps explain the costs, the best providers, places to stay, and more.

Discover the iconic trees that adorn Bali’s landscapes. From the spiritual Banyan to the versatile Coconut, delve into the history and uses of these natural treasures.

I spent 2 months living in Sumberkima to find the ultimate work focus bubble. Here I detail my experience, and compare it to other parts of Bali.

Venture from Bali to Java to hike to Kawah Ijen’s mesmerizing blue flames, sulphuric lake, and lunar landscape. Read our guide for essential tips, trek timings, and photography advice.

Discover the untouched beauty of Menjangan Island in Bali. From unique wildlife and ancient temples to pristine diving sites, explore this hidden gem away from Bali’s tourist buzz.

Explore the underwater marvels of North West Bali. Dive into pristine coral gardens, discover the USAT Liberty wreck, and engage in unique conservation efforts. Whether you’re a novice or expert, North West Bali offers a diving experience like no other.

Discover the best spots in North West Bali to witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Immerse yourself in nature’s splendor, from serene beaches to hilltop temples.

Dive deep into Bali’s rich fruit offerings, from the golden mangga (mango) to the spiky durian. Discover the indigenous fruits of Bali, their local names, and the best places to taste them on this tropical paradise.

Looking for your next mountain hike in Bali? This guide shows you all the popular hikes, and hidden gems in both Bali and nearby Lombok, and East Java.

Unearth the vegan gems of North West Bali! Dive into our curated guide highlighting five exceptional restaurants offering authentic and diverse vegan dishes, marrying local flavors with plant-based innovation.

Embark on a celestial journey in Bali’s pristine skies. Discover how to spot the Southern Hemisphere’s unique constellations and delve into the astrological significance these stars hold in Balinese traditions.

Explore the diverse beauty of West Bali National Park, from its rich wildlife and marine biodiversity to conservation efforts and travel tips. Dive into Bali’s nature sanctuary!

Trying to plan a freediving trip in Bali? This article will help you find the best location to visit, and the best providers in that area.

Discover the tangible benefits of hosting a retreat in North West Bali. From holistic rejuvenation to cultural immersion, explore nine compelling reasons to choose this enchanting region.

Discover the most enchanting date night destinations in North West Bali. From serene beaches to gourmet dining by the sea, these spots promise intimate moments and memories to cherish.

With the South and Centre of Bali being the tourist hotspots on the island, North West Bali doesn’t figure into the average itinerary of the passing traveller. We believe that this region is Bali’s best kept secret – a true gold mine of delights that is only revealed to intrepid eyes. The reasons to travel to North West Bali are many, here is a small list to fuel your intrigue! 

Discover the ultimate rejuvenation at eight private villas in North West Bali. Experience luxury, tranquility, and breathtaking views while recharging your energy in these beautiful villa retreats.

Explore North West Bali responsibly with our guide. Support local businesses, participate in conservation projects, and immerse in rich Balinese culture. Learn how to travel sustainably and make a positive impact.

Discover the top reasons to visit North West Bali with your children. Dive into authentic culture, nature adventures, and sustainability lessons, making it an enriching experience for the entire family. Explore North West Bali’s child-friendly attractions now!

Explore the distinct variations of Hinduism practiced in Bali and India. From the perception of Gods and ancestral worship to religious festivals and the role of cows, dive into these cultural contrasts.

Discover why direct bookings in NWB are the way to go! Save money, support local businesses, and enjoy a tailor-made stay. Read more about the benefits and why NWB urges travelers to book directly.