The Majestic Beaches of North West Bali – Experience Your Next White Sand Adventure

The Majestic Beaches of North West Bali – Experience Your Next White Sand Adventure

When you think of a beach in a tropical country, your imagination is likely filled with colourful, bright umbrellas scattered across a sandy expanse with groups of ready-to-tan holidaymakers absorbing as much sun as they can. The typical conception of the beach revolves around the ‘sun’s out, bums out’ theme, where the stretch of sand between the sea and the city is a space for expressing our vices to the best of our ability. 

To make the most of your time in North West Bali, we invite you to reimagine the beach experience with us! We want to give you something more memorable and moving in North West Bali – encounters with sea creatures, dances with open hearted strangers and meditative moments in the restful waters. 

The Bays

The bays in the area are slices of heaven with the combination of restful waters and views that look onto the volcanoes of Java or stretches of deep blue sea. There are many ways to explore the bays – the boat trips with Metamorfosa that take you through the mangrove forests are a huge hit! With their knowledge of the area as well as their ongoing reef restoration efforts, they will fill you in on all you need to know about the natural cycles that tether us to life. A coastline walk with their team will take you past fisherman’s villages, traditional boats and local kids swimming in the sea – a great opportunity to observe Balinese lifestyle. For fun activities with friends and family, you can rent a kayak or a canoe to enjoy the sunset or a SUP board to peacefully glide through the water at your own pace. 

The Underwater World 

The bright and beautiful world that ripples beneath sea level is vast and waiting to be explored! There is a reef in the Bay of Sumberkima as well as in Pemuteran Bay, both of which have unique features which make it exciting for snorkelers and divers. Pemuteran is home to the largest Biorock nursery in the world! This conservation effort has inspired a project in Sumberkima where amidst the reef is an underwater art gallery and a wish tree. You can sponsor a baby coral and tie your “wish for change” to the coral so that your wish grows alongside the coral. 

The Beaches

The beaches are home to several species of crustaceans and lush flora. During a certain time of the year, they become nesting grounds for several species of turtles. There are hatcheries in North West Bali that are trying to increase the number of wild turtles in the water. They protect the eggs from predators and release the baby turtles into the open seas where they can thrive. For a small donation, you can hear about the story of the hatcheries and if you are with us in the hatching season, you can even release a baby turtle into the sea! 

We have no qualms with people who come to the beach to let their hair down, bask languidly in the heat and enjoy a refreshment without a care in the world. We would simply love to open up the multitude of possibilities along the beach belt In North West Bali, where the waters are home to a breathtaking aquatic kingdom, the mangrove forests form worlds of their own and the bays are replete with natural wonders. Come and explore these with us! 

The White Sand Island 

The little island of Gili Putih in the bay of Sumberkima is a fitting destination for a day trip. From beach barbecues with your travel buddies to sunset yoga lessons with your retreat, there are many ways to enjoy the island. Our favorite is an organized romantic dinner or barbeque!

FAQs: The Majestic Beaches of North West Bali – Your Next White Sand Adventure

What makes North West Bali beaches different from typical beach experiences?

North West Bali beaches offer more than just sunbathing and relaxation. They promise encounters with diverse sea creatures, interactions with locals, meditative moments in tranquil waters, and a deep dive into the Balinese culture and marine life.

Can you tell me more about the bays in North West Bali?

Certainly! The bays in North West Bali provide restful waters with picturesque views of Java’s volcanoes or expansive deep blue seas. From boat trips through mangrove forests to coastal walks showcasing the Balinese lifestyle, the bays offer a rich cultural and natural experience.

Who are Metamorfosa and how can they enhance my beach experience?

Metamorfosa offers boat trips through the mangrove forests, providing insightful knowledge about the area and its natural cycles. Their team also leads coastline walks, giving visitors a chance to witness fisherman villages, traditional boats, and Balinese locals enjoying the sea.

What are the options for water-based activities in the bays?

You can rent kayaks, canoes, or SUP (stand-up paddle) boards to explore the bays. These activities allow you to soak in the sunset, glide peacefully through the water, and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty.

I’m interested in diving. What underwater sites can I explore?

North West Bali offers a diverse underwater world, notably in the Bay of Sumberkima and Pemuteran Bay. Pemuteran boasts the world’s largest Biorock nursery, while Sumberkima features an underwater art gallery and a wish tree. Both sites offer unique experiences for snorkelers and divers alike.

What is the “wish for change” initiative at Sumberkima?

In Sumberkima, amidst the reef, visitors can sponsor a baby coral. As part of the initiative, they can tie their “wish for change” to the coral, symbolically allowing their wishes to grow alongside the coral.

Can I interact with marine life on the beaches?

Yes! The beaches serve as nesting grounds for various turtle species during specific seasons. Local hatcheries in North West Bali protect these nests, and for a donation, you can learn about their conservation efforts and even release a baby turtle into the sea during the hatching season.

What’s special about the white sand island of Gili Putih?

Gili Putih, located in the bay of Sumberkima, is an ideal destination for day trips. Visitors can engage in beach barbecues, sunset yoga lessons, and even organize romantic dinners. It’s a versatile spot that caters to both group and individual activities.

Can I simply relax and unwind on the beaches of North West Bali?

Absolutely! While there are numerous activities and experiences to indulge in, you’re always welcome to simply relax, enjoy the sun, and sip on your favorite refreshment on these serene beaches.

How can I best explore the mangrove forests?

The best way to explore the mangrove forests is through boat trips, especially those offered by Metamorfosa. Their guided tours will provide you with in-depth information about the area and its ecological significance.

I’m interested in conservation efforts. How can I contribute during my visit?

Visitors can support local hatcheries in their mission to protect turtle nests. Donations aid in their conservation efforts, and during the hatching season, you may even get a chance to release a baby turtle into the open sea.

Are there any guided tours or activities that showcase the local Balinese lifestyle?

Yes, the coastline walk with Metamorfosa’s team will introduce you to fisherman villages, traditional boats, and local kids playing in the sea, giving you a glimpse into the everyday life of the Balinese community.

I’m planning a romantic getaway. Can you suggest any unique experiences?

Certainly! Gili Putih offers the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or barbecue by the sea. Enjoy the serene surroundings and the company of your loved one in this picturesque setting.

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