The 10 Best Beachfront Stays in North West Bali

The 10 Best Beachfront Stays in North West Bali

When you are planning your trip to North West Bali, many would like to situate themselves in a beautiful seaside residence on our pristine beaches. Luckily, there are many divine places for travellers of various budgets and tastes to choose from! No matter where you decide to put your bags and rest your head, we are sure that you will be delighted with your experience of our resplendent bay. Here are some of our favourite beachfront stays for the happy explorer! 

1. Villa Semadhi

Villa Semadhi is located where the mountains nearly touch the sea, in a large secluded garden with old trees. You will have magnificent views with the Bali sea in front and nine mountains as a dramatic backdrop; the perfect spot to relax and recharge. And their staff will take care of all your needs! The villa offers the perfect setting for families to enjoy each other’s company with a large garden, terraces, gazebos, infinity pool, beachfront deck and a great inhouse cook. They also offer cooking classes to guests. You can enjoy a massage at the garden gazebo, or take a boat out for a fishing, snorkelling, or sunset tour.

2. Amertha

Amertha is a beachfront resort and spa set in a large, lush tropical garden in Pemuteran. All villas have a private pool, making it the ideal place to go to pamper yourself. They also have a sea facing restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food. The views here are incredible, as the resort is built against the backdrop of nine majestic mountains. The Balinese believe that the blessed energy of the space comes from the connection between the mountains and the sea. What makes it unique is the high value they place on community involvement. From the outset, they have worked closely with the village leaders to ensure that there are positive steps taken to retain the cultural ethos of the area. 

3. Tirta Sari

The 11 Best Beachfront Stays in North West Bali

Tirta Sari is a homestay with simple bungalows built around a lovely pool area with loungers. There is a large restaurant connected to the accommodation which serves local delicacies. They have a spa where you can unwind and allow yourself to be pampered. Being a short walk from the beach, you are well connected to all that goes on in Pemuteran. 

4. Taman Sari

The beachfront resort of Taman Sari is a wonderful place to have a getaway with your family and friends. The accommodation is super comfortable and you can hear the waves crashing on the shore from your room. They also have a lovely restaurant by the sea where you can enjoy delicious meals and divine cocktails under the lit up trees. This is also where you enter the Biorock structures that are used to conserve the coral reef, putting you at the prime spot for marine exploration. 

5. Mimpi Resort

Embark on a remarkable journey into the untouched expanse of West Bali National Park, where nature’s majesty unfolds in all its glory. Here, at Mimpi Resort, the splendours of North West Bali come to life, offering an unparalleled retreat. Indulge in the revitalising embrace of our sacred hot springs, a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness. Discover a harmonious fusion of nature and tranquillity, where your escape takes on a new dimension. Welcome to a world where the untamed beauty of the wild meets the soothing warmth of our therapeutic hot springs.

6. Taman Selini

Taman Selini is a serene beachfront resort where you can stay in comfortable bungalows with outdoor showers and gorgeous verandas that overlook the lush gardens. This is a great place to host group getaways, from retreats to family events to gatherings. They have a lovely multicuisine restaurant at the premises with a focus on Greek food. 

7. Pondok Sari

Pondok Sari is well known for its tropical garden, its traditional architecture and its shady trees on the sandy beach next to the calm sea. Pondok Sari is built with love to artistic details with a relaxing flair and charming cosiness. They have a spa and a dive centre, both of which are renowned. As one of the older restaurants on Pemuteran, it has a long history of offering impeccable experiences. 

8. Mangroove Bay

Mangroove Bay Hostel offers a unique blend of luxury and affordability. Positioned between a mangrove forest and the Bali Sea, this haven provides immersive experiences for budget travellers. The Mangroove restaurant serves global cuisine, fostering cultural exchange. Their restaurant serves exceptionally good dishes, prepared with fresh and local produce. Collaborating with Metamorfosa turtle hatchery and reef restoration project, guests enjoy captivating underwater experiences. With a yoga shala, poolside, and communal kitchen, travellers can rejuvenate and connect. Discover Mangrove Bay for an exceptional, budget-friendly escape.

9. Reef Seen Divers

Reef Seen Divers is a dive centre with a deep commitment to conservation. They have affordable beachfront accommodation, perfect for divers and solo travellers. Their restaurant caters to hungry divers’ tummies, serving up sandwiches and snacks. There is also a turtle hatchery attached, where you can release a turtle in the sea during hatching season. You can catch a glimpse of local kids practicing traditional Balinese dance on the weekend between 2:30 and 4 pm. Your exploration of the resplendent reef will be accompanied by many pleasant experiences! 

10. Adi Assri

Adi Assri is one of the largest resorts in Pemuteran facing the sea. Popular with honeymooners, families and friends alike, the resort offers many opportunities to explore the region of North West Bali in a wholesome way. From snorkelling and diving packages to spa packages, they are here to make sure you have the best time. Their rooms look over both the mountains as well as the sea, so you can choose what you’d like to wake up to! Spend your days lazing around in one of their three swimming pools! 

FAQ: The 10 Best Beachfront Stays in North West Bali

Which of these beachfront stays is ideal for families?

Villa Semadhi and Taman Sari are particularly recommended for families due to their spacious gardens and family-friendly amenities.

I’m on a budget. Which place offers an affordable yet quality experience?

Mangroove Bay Hostel is specifically designed for budget travellers, offering a mix of luxury and affordability.

Are any of these places associated with conservation projects?

Yes, Reef Seen Divers has a deep commitment to conservation with their turtle hatchery. Additionally, Mangroove Bay collaborates with the Metamorfosa turtle hatchery and reef restoration project.

Which resort focuses heavily on community involvement?

Amertha places high value on community involvement, working closely with local village leaders to retain the cultural ethos of the area.

I’m a food enthusiast. Which beachfront stays have notable restaurants?

Almost all the listed stays have restaurants. However, for a multicuisine experience with a focus on Greek food, Taman Selini is a great choice. For global cuisine, Mangroove Bay is recommended.

Which stay provides the best marine exploration opportunity?

Taman Sari is located near the Biorock structures used for coral reef conservation, offering prime marine exploration opportunities.

I’m interested in diving. Where should I stay?

Reef Seen Divers is an ideal choice for divers, offering beachfront accommodation. Pondok Sari also has a renowned dive centre.

I love spas and relaxation. Which stays offer spa services?

Amertha, Tirta Sari, and Pondok Sari all offer spa services for guests.

I want to engage in local cultural activities. Any recommendations?

At Reef Seen Divers, you can witness local kids practicing traditional Balinese dance on weekends between 2:30 and 4 pm.

Are there any stays with private pool villas?

Yes, all villas at Amertha come with a private pool.

What makes Mimpi Resort distinct?

Mimpi Resort offers a unique experience with its location in the West Bali National Park and the presence of sacred hot springs on its premises.

Can I take cooking classes at any of these stays?

Yes, Villa Semadhi offers cooking classes to its guests.

Which beachfront stay is popular with honeymooners?

Adi Assri is popular among honeymooners with its serene sea-facing rooms and varied activity packages.

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