Best Sunrise & Sunset Spots in North West Bali

Best Sunrise & Sunset Spots in North West Bali

One of the most scenic,+ and about in Bali is the glorious, colourful hour of sunset. The blazing purples blend into the deep orange hues, the reds and pinks line the golden and the scattered colours paint the sky in tones that are nothing short of a classical painting come to life. As a traveller in this region, one of the most wholesome and divine aspects of your day is the last light of the day, as this blessed land bids adieu to the sun. Here are some of our favourite sunset spots in North West Bali:

1. Pura Pucak Gunung Beratan

On top of the hill rising from the sea is the temple of Pura Pucak Gunung Beratan, which offers a serene and ancient charm to the sunset hour. From this spot, you can imbibe the precious blessings of the land and immerse yourself in a sunset like no other, with the magic of mountains, valleys and the shining sea aglow before you. 

2. South Hill

A short climb up the little hill to the south of Sumberkima Hill gives you a view to die for. From sunrise to sunset, you can see all of North West Bali glowing in the distance. You have an open view of the Bali Sea and the hills all around, making the dance of sunset hues in the sky even more spectacular! 

3. Gili Putih

This white sand island in the Bay of Sumberkima is truly a gorgeous place to spend the day. Enjoy the easy tranquility of the island and end your day with a surreal experience in nature – watching as the setting sun skirts behind the volcanoes of Java and casts reflections of the luminous sky in the sea, with the curved coastline of Bali gleaming in the back like a wide smile. 

4. Canoe in the Bay of Sumberkima

Sometimes the best way to watch a sunrise is to leave behind the land and enter the soft waters of the sea. You can rent a canoe from Metamorfosa and row to the middle of the Bay, from where you can see the gentle waves glisten in colours like never before. Let the first rays of the sun kiss you as you bob along. 

5. Pemuteran Beach

An all time favourite spot to watch the sunset is to go to the beach. There is something deeply moving about the minutes before sunset, when everyone on the beach stops what they are doing, just to turn and feast their eyes on the descending orb that leaves the sky. Find a cozy spot on the beach and allow yourself to be swept away by the marvel of nature right in front of you. 

6. Senja Restaurant

For a comfortable, luxurious sunset, we recommend Senja Restaurant in Sumberkima Hill. You will be able to see the Bali Sea and the volcanoes of Java in the distance. You can sink back into comfy chairs and chill out with a cocktail or two as the sun takes its leave in a vivid rush of colours.

7. Pura Bukit Kursi

This is a spot for those who love to work up a gentle sweat and be cooled down by the sea breeze. On top of a hill in Pemuteran is the Pura Bukit Kursi temple from where the setting sun casts a majestic glow in the area. The view is delightful and makes the climb worth it! 

FAQ for Sunset & Sunrise Spots in North West Bali

Which spots are best for sunrise views in North West Bali?  

South Hill and Canoe in the Bay of Sumberkima are particularly recommended for watching the sunrise. The panoramic view from South Hill offers a glimpse of North West Bali in the morning light, while canoeing in the Bay provides an immersive experience with the first rays of the sun reflecting on the water.

Are there entrance fees to any of these spots?  

Some locations, such as Pura Pucak Gunung Beratan and Pura Bukit Kursi, are temples and might have a small entrance or donation fee. It’s always good to carry a bit of cash and respect local customs.

Which location would be ideal for a romantic sunset date?  

Senja Restaurant in Sumberkima Hill offers a luxurious sunset experience complete with comfortable seating and delicious cocktails. The ambiance combined with the view makes it perfect for a romantic evening.

Are any of these spots kid-friendly?  

Absolutely! Pemuteran Beach is always a hit with kids. The beach allows them to play in the sand while adults enjoy the sunset. Gili Putih also offers a serene beach environment suitable for families.

How accessible are these locations?  

Most of these spots are easily accessible. However, some like Pura Bukit Kursi require a bit of a climb, so it might not be suitable for everyone, especially those with mobility challenges.

Can I rent equipment, like canoes, at these spots? 

Yes, at Bay of Sumberkima, you can rent a canoe from Metamorfosa. It’s always a good idea to reach out in advance or ask local guides for rental availability.

What should I wear or bring to these locations?  

It’s essential to dress respectfully, especially when visiting temples. Wear modest clothing covering your shoulders and knees. For beaches, comfortable beachwear along with a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen is recommended. If you’re planning to canoe, wear something you don’t mind getting wet.

Do any of these spots have restaurants or food stalls nearby?

Senja Restaurant is a wonderful place to dine. Additionally, Pemuteran Beach and some other spots may have nearby local stalls or warungs (local eateries) where you can try Balinese delicacies.

Is it safe to visit these spots during the evening?

Most of these places are safe. However, like with all travel destinations, it’s always a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in more secluded areas.

Are there any local guides or tours that cover these sunset and sunrise spots?

Many local tour operators offer guided tours to popular sunset and sunrise spots. Check with your hotel or local tour kiosks in North West Bali for recommendations.

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