A Vegan’s Food Guide to North West Bali – Top 5 Restaurants

A Vegan’s Food Guide to North West Bali – Top 5 Restaurants

For the average plant based eater, travel can sometimes be construed as an exercise in missing out. Unlocking a new culture through food is one of the most intriguing ways of getting to know a place. Since the majority of the world boasts ancient culinary traditions centred around meat, vegans often have to do without the taste of the local flavour. Even places that offer plant based options on their menu seem to stick to the standard fare of avo toast and salad, rather than creating delights for vegans who want to explore the local offerings. There is a slow but steady rise in vegan cooking in North West Bali. Our aim is to feed everyone so that they leave with a big smile. Here are some of our favourites in the region. 

1. Puri Ganesha

Looking for a haven to indulge yourself and your loved one, or relish in a delightful feast with your family? Puri Ganesha in Pemuteran beckons you. Step into a world where your taste buds embark on a tantalising journey, guided by an irresistible menu that’s a true culinary masterpiece.

Let the crashing waves serenade you while the flavours of the food work their magic, even enchanting the most devoted meat enthusiasts. Puri Ganesha prides itself on sourcing the freshest local ingredients, ensuring each dish is a testament to their dedication and preparation. Therefore making a reservation is a must. Puri Ganesha’s commitment to sourcing fresh, local ingredients is a testament to their dedication, ensuring every dish tells a story of its own.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a flavoursome voyage accompanied by the melody of the waves, make your reservation at Puri Ganesha. Let your senses revel in an extraordinary dining experience where the fusion of nature and cuisine create memories to cherish.

2. Taman Selini

Taman Selini takes a unique approach by sourcing the majority of their plant-based dishes from their very own garden. While boasting an extensive menu that spans traditional Indonesian and Italian cuisines, their Greek specialties stand out as undeniable favourites. From mouthwatering moussakas to savoury souvlaki and enticing mezze platters, Taman Selini truly excels in offering these Greek delights. This makes it an ideal destination for groups with diverse tastes, especially for vegans craving a variety of cuisines. We highly recommend a visit to Taman Selini for a culinary experience that caters to all palates.

3. Suma Restaurant

A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants
A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants

If you’re a flavour enthusiast looking for a taste of the world on a single plate, Suma Restaurant is your top-notch gourmet destination. Whether you’re a culinary explorer or simply a lover of great food, Suma Restaurant has got you covered. The menu here is a genuine delight, featuring an extensive array of dishes infused with inventive vegan twists. Picture starting your day with a hearty full vegan breakfast – scrambled tofu paired harmoniously with a medley of fresh, vibrant veggies. 

Delve further into their offerings to find enticing selections like pasta and mousaka, elevated by the richness of creamy cashew parmesan, refreshing salads and stone-baked pizzas, customizable with your preferred toppings, each bite bursting with distinct flavours. And for a soothing, heartwarming option, immerse yourself in the indulgence of their creamy pumpkin soup. The daily specials and the scenic mountain view overlooking the sea add an extra layer of charm to your visit.

4. Mangroove Bay

A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants
A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants
A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants

Discover an exceptional hostel experience at Mangroove Bay in Sumberkima, where comfort meets culture in a budget-friendly setting. A true haven for vegetarians and vegans, this gem offers an array of enticing plant-based options.

Mangroove Bay’s culinary journey starts with carefully chosen ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices sourced from their organic farm in Sumberkima’s hills and other local farms. Fresh catches from the Bali Sea and partnerships with top-tier food suppliers across the island ensure high-quality dishes bursting with natural flavors.

The menu at Mangroove Bay unites diverse flavors, cultures and people through a blend of Indonesian and Mediterranean cuisine. Offering a range of yummy salads, healthy breakfast options like oat porridge, shakshuka and sweet and savoury bowls like the smoothie or powerbowl. They serve homemade sourdough bread, pastas, naan, cakes, and cookies that are simply delicious. 

Their juices, smoothies, and tonics are made from locally grown produce and taste fresh and full of flavour. Try their matcha smoothie with banana and pineapple, or opt for health-boosting options like ginger shots, homemade kombucha, ginger beer, and traditional jamu. Mangroove Bay invites travellers on a culinary adventure, where every dish reflects a commitment to authentic flavours. Enjoy nourishing meals in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, making your visit to North West Bali truly unforgettable.

5. Senja Restaurant

A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants
A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants
A Vegan's Food Guide to North West Bali - Top 5 Restaurants

The elegant restaurant is a symbol of culinary artistry, offering an exquisite take on nasi campur. But it’s more than that – it treats you to captivating sunsets and a tempting variety of cocktails. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian travellertraveler, get ready for a treat. The restaurant has a breakfast made just for you, with options like savourysavory mushroom & hummus toast, refreshing pad thai, nourishing overnight bircher muesli, and revitalisingrevitalizing matcha smoothie bowl.

As night falls, the restaurant turns into a canvas for your dining desires. You can mix small plates or add them to your main course. Don’t miss Indonesian favouritesfavorites like kang kung salad and terong belado. And for those with a sweet tooth, there’s a range of vegan desserts, from berry cashew pie to carrot walnut pie, even traditional Indonesian treats like Babur injin (black rice porridge with coconut milk) and pisang goreng (fried bananas).This place weaves inventive flavoursflavors with natural serenity. In the heart of Sumberkima Hill, it offers a dining journey that blends old traditions with modern innovation. An invitation for those looking for something extraordinary.

FAQ: Vegan’s Food Guide to North West Bali

Why is North West Bali becoming a popular destination for vegans?

North West Bali is witnessing a steady rise in vegan cooking, with restaurants creating unique and diverse vegan dishes that capture the local flavors, rather than just offering standard plant-based fare.

How does Puri Ganesha stand out for vegans?

Puri Ganesha prides itself on sourcing the freshest local ingredients for a diverse menu that captivates even dedicated meat-lovers. The restaurant offers an immersive experience where the ambiance and flavors come together to create memorable dining moments.

What makes Taman Selini unique in terms of vegan offerings?

Taman Selini sources most of their plant-based dishes from their own garden, offering traditional Indonesian, Italian, and standout Greek specialties suitable for vegan and diverse palates.

Can you describe Suma Restaurant’s approach to vegan cuisine?

Suma Restaurant provides a varied menu that infuses global dishes with inventive vegan twists, such as creamy cashew parmesan on pasta or mousaka and customizable stone-baked pizzas, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience for diners.

How does Mangroove Bay cater to vegans and vegetarians?

Mangroove Bay utilizes ingredients sourced from its organic farm and other local farms, offering a blend of Indonesian and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurant provides a diverse menu, from homemade sourdough bread to health-boosting drinks like homemade kombucha and traditional jamu.

What is Senja Restaurant’s specialty for vegan diners?

Senja Restaurant provides a unique take on nasi campur, offering an array of vegan dishes ranging from savoury mushroom & hummus toast to vegan desserts like berry cashew pie. It offers a mix of traditional and modern dishes, providing an extraordinary dining experience.

Is it essential to make a reservation at these restaurants?

While the article specifically mentions making a reservation at Puri Ganesha due to its commitment to fresh, local ingredients, it’s always a good idea to check with each restaurant, especially during peak times, to ensure you get a table.

Do these restaurants only serve vegan dishes?

While these restaurants offer a rich variety of vegan dishes, many also cater to a broader audience with diverse culinary preferences, making them ideal for groups with mixed dietary needs.

Can I expect local Indonesian vegan dishes at these restaurants?

Absolutely. Many of these restaurants, like Senja and Mangroove Bay, infuse their menus with traditional Indonesian dishes, offering vegans an opportunity to savor authentic local flavors.

Is the vegan food trend in North West Bali only limited to high-end restaurants?

No. The vegan movement in NW Bali is not limited to just upscale restaurants. From hostels like Mangroove Bay to elegant settings like Senja Restaurant, the region offers a range of options for all budgets and preferences.

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