6 Reasons Why You Should Travel to North West Bali 

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel to North West Bali 

Why you should travel to North West Bali 

With the South and Centre of Bali being the tourist hotspots on the island, North West Bali doesn’t figure into the average itinerary of the passing traveller. We believe that this region is Bali’s best kept secret – a true gold mine of delights that is only revealed to intrepid eyes. The reasons to travel to North West Bali are many, here is a small list to fuel your intrigue! 

Nature unlike anywhere else

Bali is no stranger to tourism. The island has seen tourists flock in large numbers for several decades. One of the reasons the first wave of tourists made a home out of Bali was because of its lush, unspoiled nature. Due to overcrowding in the South, these pockets of abundant nature are few and far in between. North West Bali is one of the few remaining frontiers of ecological wonder. From waterfalls to jungles to hills to coral reef systems – the region is absolutely thriving in wilderness! When you come to North West Bali, you will feel the same sense of wonder and enchantment that brought people to the island to begin with. 

A space for serenity

One of the biggest complaints we hear from tourists is how their experience of Bali contrasts the one of their dreams. Following an Insta-Reel of glamorous, unbelievable experiences, people are sometimes disappointed to find that they are not the only ones who have come to Bali to discover silent bliss and healing. The crowds along the commercial trails can be overwhelming and tend to dampen your spirits. Since North West Bali is hardly a commercial hotspot, there are many ways to heal and grow as you embrace solitude and vast, open, abundant terrains. 


With the advent of tourism came the commodification of culture in the over marketed parts of Bali. Where does one go then, to glimpse authentic Balinese life? The villages of Sumberkima and Pemuteran are home to warm, kind communities with a traditional, laidback lifestyle. Walks in the village take you through ancient temples, neverending rice fields and children at play. The ceremonies are grand and communal and you can join in the milieu with ease. 

The ultimate getaway

With much of Bali being popular with the party crowd, the number of spaces that are suited to family or romantic getaways is fast dwindling. For young parents with kids in tow to lovebirds looking for a nest. North West Bali is the perfect getaway. From island dances and barbecues to kayak and canoe trips to curated dinner experiences – we have it all! 

Learn about sustainability

It’s no secret that we live in trying times as far as climate breakdown is concerned. Who wants to be surrounded by negative news and problems when they are on holiday? There are several community driven projects in North West Bali, like Metamorfosa in Sumberkima that are working hard to restore ecological and cultural integrity in their villages. It is a delightful experience to learn about reef restoration projects, turtle hatcheries, seaweed plantations and more that are pioneered by the local community. There are many ways in which you can support these projects! 

Hub for creativity

We truly believe that the inspiration is everywhere in this part of Bali. From lush landscapes to authentic culture, from delectable food to welcoming people – the area is perfect for artists of all kinds to come and make their art. Whether you are a photographer, a writer, a painter or designer, the ebbs and flows of life in North West Bali will certainly have something to spark your genius. 

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