6 Private Villas in North West Bali for Ultimate Rejuvenation

6 Private Villas in North West Bali for Ultimate Rejuvenation

So much of the reason travellers flock to Bali is to relax, let go and feel the sheer weightlessness of life on the island. We believe that it’s vital for overworked, stressed urbanites to have the chance to recharge their batteries in a tranquil, luxurious setup. Renting a private villa in Bali can be the ultimate source of bliss! Here are some of our favourite private villas for rejuvenating in North West Bali. 

1. Jeda Villa

Jeda Villa is a beautiful private villa retreat nestled in the hills of Pemuteran. This intimate cluster of 3 villas is in a gorgeous compound. All the villas have private pools so you can have a luxurious getaway. Everything is designed for your comfort and enjoyment. This space is an architectural marvel and will please those who have an eye for detail. It is a great place to organise a high end yoga retreat, close to nature and comfortable too!  

2. Sumberkima Hill Retreat

In the hills of Sumberkima, there’s a secret, serene getaway: Sumberkima Hill. A luxurious, private villa retreat with dreamlike views painted in all directions where you can leave the weight of the world behind. You can enjoy the privacy and luxury of a villa along with resort style services. They have some amazing restaurants on site and offer yoga classes, spa treatments and curated experiences like snorkelling, diving and canoeing excursions. They have a strong ethos of sustainability and want their space to grow in harmony with the environment and the community. They collaborate with several local organisations and have initiated a reef restoration and reforestation project.

3. Villa Semadhi

Villa Semadhi is located where the mountains nearly touch the sea, in a large secluded garden with old trees. You will have magnificent views with the Bali sea in front and nine mountains as a dramatic backdrop; the perfect spot to relax and recharge. And their staff will take care of all your needs! The villa offers the perfect setting for families to enjoy each other’s company with a large garden, terraces, gazebos, infinity pool and beachfront deck. You can enjoy a massage at the garden gazebo, or take the boat out for a fishing or sunset tour.

4. Taman Sari

6 Private Villas in North West Bali for Ultimate Rejuvenation

The private villas of Taman Sari are a wonderful place to have a getaway with your family and friends. The villa is super comfortable and the sea breeze will tickle your toes. They also have a lovely restaurant by the sea where you can enjoy delicious meals and divine cocktails under the lit up trees. This is where you enter the Biorock structures that are used to conserve the coral reef, putting you at the prime spot for marine exploration. 

5. Villa Beten Bukit

Villa Beten Bukit is a luxury villa designed for utter relaxation, with both traditional and western architecture amalgamating to create a unique setting. With two bedrooms that can hold up to six people, you have a large, spacious home of your own! This tropical getaway is built at the foot of a beautiful ridge and offers incredible views of the surrounding nature. Only a ten minute walk from the Bali Sea, you are minutes away from beachy mornings, deep sea dives and underwater adventures! 

6. Villa Bukit Kaja Kauh

6 Private Villas in North West Bali for Ultimate Rejuvenation

Villa Bukit Kaja Kauh is located in a lavish tropical garden and surrounded by hills. There is a delightful lotus pond in the garden, offering a peaceful place for meditation. Built to allow tranquility, Villa Bukit has several comfy terraces, sunbeds and a patio to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine and good food. Their staff will take care of all your needs and make you feel right at home here. 

FAQs: Private Villas in North West Bali

Why should I consider renting a private villa in North West Bali?

Private villas offer the ultimate luxurious and tranquil experience. They provide personalized services, privacy, and often, stunning views that are unparalleled in comparison to other accommodation options. They are perfect for travelers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

What facilities do these villas generally offer?

Most of the villas come with private pools, spacious gardens, terraces, gazebos, and beachfront decks. Many also offer services such as spa treatments, yoga classes, and curated experiences like snorkelling and diving.

Are these villas family-friendly?

Yes, many of the villas, such as Villa Semadhi and Taman Sari, are designed with families in mind. They offer spacious setups and amenities catering to families wishing to enjoy quality time together.

I am environmentally conscious. Are there any eco-friendly villas?

Certainly! Sumberkima Hill Retreat, for instance, emphasizes sustainability. They have a strong environmental ethos, collaborating with local organizations and initiating reef restoration and reforestation projects.

Can I organize events like a yoga retreat in these villas?

Yes, some villas like Jeda Villa are perfectly suited for high-end yoga retreats or similar events. They are close to nature, spacious, and designed for comfort.

How close are these villas to the sea?

Most of the villas are either beachfront or just a short walk or drive from the sea. For instance, Villa Semadhi is right where the mountains meet the sea, and Villa Beten Bukit is a mere ten-minute walk from the Bali Sea.

What dining options are available at these villas?

While each villa varies, many offer on-site restaurants serving delicious meals. Sumberkima Hill Retreat and Taman Sari, for instance, have amazing on-site restaurants. Some villas may also offer private chefs or catering services upon request.

Are there opportunities for marine exploration near these villas?

Yes, especially at Taman Sari, where the Biorock structures are used to conserve coral reefs, putting visitors at a prime spot for marine exploration.

Can the staff at these villas cater to my personal needs during my stay?

Absolutely. Most villas, like Villa Semadhi and Villa Bukit Kaja Kauh, mention that their staff is dedicated to taking care of all guests’ needs, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

What kind of views can I expect?

From dramatic mountain backdrops to serene sea vistas, each villa offers its unique, breathtaking view. Whether you prefer a hilltop panorama, a beachfront horizon, or a lush garden setting, there’s a villa in North West Bali to suit your preference.

Is the North West of Bali a good region for relaxation?

Yes, the North West region of Bali is less commercialized than some other parts, making it an ideal spot for travelers seeking peace, tranquility, and an authentic Balinese experience.

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