5 Reasons to Visit North West Bali With Your Kids

5 Reasons to Visit North West Bali With Your Kids

When you close your eyes and think of Bali, you see serene beaches, palm trees swaying in the balmy evening breeze and your partner or best friend laying next to you on the sand. Imagine your kids joyfully running alongside you, racing you to the sea and back, or even delightfully discovering and discussing unfamiliar new foods.

Travelling with your kids can be very messy, stressful and hectic and some people are entirely against it. However, we believe that in the long run, the gains secured by a few overseas holidays with your kids in tow far outweigh the momentary struggles of travelling. 

1. Diving into a new culture

At a certain age, your kids start to identify as part of their culture, and sometimes they can grow up believing that theirs is the only culture worth valuing. If they are exposed to the merits and dimensions of different cultures from an early age, they are more likely to be open minded and well adjusted as they grow up. North West Bali, with its authentic village life and community oriented ceremonies is a great way for kids to authentically experience a culture that is so different from their own! We have temple tours and village walk that are super interesting and can hold the attention of children and make it more exciting for them.

2. Open minded about differences

When kids are exposed to a diverse and vibrant community where people dress uniquely, speak various languages, follow different social structures, and enjoy diverse cuisines, their concept of ‘normal’ expands significantly. This broader perspective allows them to connect with others empathetically, emphasizing the shared essence of our human nature. They encounter regular individuals in places like temples, markets, shops, and ceremonies. Furthermore, in the North West Bali region, there is an extensive array of local warungs, offering delightful native cuisine and opportunities for children to interact with the local Balinese residents.

3. Optimistic lessons in sustainability

In North West Bali, kids can be exposed to both the problems and solutions to the climate emergency. In their sheltered lives, they might not be aware of the very real damages of plastic waste or polluted ocean waters or dwindling animal populations. With us, they can dive into gentle waters and explore the reef we are restoring in Pemuteran and Sumberkima Bay or release baby turtles into the sea with Metamorfosa. This teaches them harsh facts about the world while simultaneously showing them that solutions are close at hand and they emerge from different communities from worldover. As children who are inheriting a very damaged Earth, it is valuable for them to believe from the start that the needed solutions are close at hand! 

4. A plunge into nature

Whether it is guided walks through Barat National Park, or treks through the jungle, or days spent sliding through waterfalls, Bali is the ultimate destination for kids to plunge into nature. Growing up in urban spaces can sometimes lead to a disconnect with nature – something that we as adults are constantly battling with. Instead of curing these problems later, it is better to prevent them altogether by showing kids the wonders of nature in an exciting, unique way. From sunset kayaking sessions to boat trips through mangrove forests to guided trips into jungles, North West Bali has it all!

5. Curiosity and learning

When kids are pulled out of the classroom environment and their natural curiosity is nourished, the whole world becomes a laboratory for learning. The learnings you amass from the school of life are unlike any other. Their knowledge of different terrains, wildlife, folklore, seasons, food and history will sharply improve and they will learn to see the world in new and creative ways. When a young mind is given the gift of perspective, the spectrum of possibilities widens and kids learn to comprehend the world in more complex and innovative ways. 

FAQ for Visiting Northwest Bali With Your Kids

Why should I consider visiting North West Bali with my kids?

North West Bali offers a combination of cultural immersion, exposure to nature, and lessons in sustainability. It’s a destination that promises to widen your child’s perspective, nurture their natural curiosity, and provide unforgettable memories.

What cultural experiences can my kids expect in North West Bali?

Your kids can expect to engage with authentic village life, witness community-oriented ceremonies, take part in temple tours, and join village walks. These experiences will introduce them to a culture distinct from their own, broadening their understanding of the world.

How can my kids benefit from interacting with the local community in North West Bali?

Interacting with a diverse community allows children to recognize and appreciate differences, be it in language, attire, or customs. By visiting local temples, markets, and warungs (local eateries), they will be able to connect with the Balinese residents, fostering empathy and a wider concept of ‘normal’.

Are there any environmental or sustainability-focused activities in North West Bali?

Yes! North West Bali provides kids with insights into the challenges and solutions related to the climate emergency. Activities like exploring the reef restoration projects in Pemuteran and Sumberkima Bay and releasing baby turtles with Metamorfosa teach children about environmental issues and inspire hope for the future.

What kind of nature experiences are available for families in North West Bali?

Families can enjoy guided walks in the Barat National Park, jungle treks, waterfall adventures, sunset kayaking, boat rides through mangrove forests, and much more. These activities allow children to connect with nature in unique and thrilling ways.

How does traveling to places like North West Bali support my child’s education?

Traveling nurtures a child’s natural curiosity. By being exposed to different terrains, wildlife, folklore, food, and history outside the classroom, children learn to see the world from diverse perspectives. It supports experiential learning and helps in understanding the world in more intricate and inventive ways.

Are the activities and experiences in North West Bali suitable for kids of all ages?

While many of the experiences in North West Bali are child-friendly, it’s essential to assess each activity based on your child’s age, interests, and capabilities. Always ensure activities align with their comfort and safety levels.

Is North West Bali safe for families to visit?

Bali, including the North West region, is popular among families. However, as with any destination, it’s important to take standard travel precautions, be aware of your surroundings, and follow local guidelines to ensure safety.

How can I prepare my kids for the cultural differences they might encounter?

Before visiting, engage with your kids about Balinese culture through books, videos, or discussions. Emphasizing the beauty of cultural diversity and setting respectful expectations can go a long way in ensuring a positive experience.

Will there be kid-friendly food options available?

While North West Bali boasts an array of local warungs offering native cuisine, many places also cater to international palates. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to try new foods, but familiar options are generally available as well.

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