3 Reasons to Make Direct Bookings in Northwest Bali

3 Reasons to Make Direct Bookings in Northwest Bali

Travel in the age of technology is a vastly different experience to that of the years bygone! These days, we cannot imagine planning our holidays without consulting our digital gurus, be it Lonely Planet or top blogs in the region, or delving deep into mounds of research that primes us for the experiences we so badly want to have! 

There is nothing wrong with using technology to make your travels better, but one cannot deny that some forms of technology are more beneficial than others! In North West Bali, where the bulk of travel businesses are small-scale and locally owned, it greatly benefits everyone to make direct bookings rather than using online booking platforms. Here are 3 great reasons why! 

1. Direct bookings are cheaper

Nine out of ten times, this holds true. Since online booking platforms charge a fairly high commission fee, most places are happy to offer a lower tariff when you book directly. Rather than having to pay up to 30% of the price to online booking platforms, they get to keep the full sum and offering customers a small discount benefits the travel spot as well as you! 

Through a mere phone call, email or sometimes even a Facebook message, you can reserve your room or bed for the appointed days and pay the travel spot directly. It might take all of five minutes but it does save a bit of money – something we can all agree is a huge benefit when you travel! 

2. Support local businesses

While you might save a small sum of money from the direct booking, it is incomparable to how much a travel spot saves! With online booking platforms gobbling up significant chunks of the revenue, it can become very difficult for smaller homestays and guesthouses to prosper without direct bookings. 

When you book direct, the money goes straight into the local economy and benefits the very people that clean your room and prepare your meals. It goes into the education of young children, into the healthcare of the elderly and the ceremonies and festivities that give Bali its special charm!

3. A more tailor made stay

Quite an understated element of booking your accommodation directly is how much more of a free rein you have over your experience in the place. If you get in touch directly with your host, you can easily communicate your specific needs, expectations and hopes to them, giving them the chance to ensure that your time in the area is even more beneficial. If you are travelling with young kids, or wish to plan a surprise for your partner, or have a bad back, it is easy to communicate all of this with your host when you book directly! 

FAQ: Direct Bookings in Northwest Bali

Why is booking direct recommended over online platforms when traveling to North West Bali (NWB)?

Direct bookings in NWB are usually cheaper, they directly support local businesses, and allow for a more customized stay according to travelers’ specific needs and requirements.

How do direct bookings save me money?

Online booking platforms typically charge businesses a commission fee which can be as high as 30% of the booking price. By avoiding this commission through direct booking, many travel spots offer customers a discount. Thus, you often get better rates when booking directly.

How do I make a direct booking?

Direct bookings can be made via a phone call, email, or sometimes even through a Facebook message to the place you wish to stay at. It is a straightforward process that allows you to communicate directly with the travel spot and reserve your room or bed for the desired dates.

How do direct bookings support local businesses in NWB?

Direct bookings ensure that the money you spend goes straight into the local economy. Instead of online platforms taking a significant portion of the revenue, local businesses such as smaller homestays and guesthouses retain more of their earnings. This benefits the local community by funding education, healthcare, ceremonies, festivities, and other important aspects of their lives.

Can I expect a more personalized experience with direct bookings?

Absolutely! When you book directly, you can communicate your specific needs, expectations, and wishes to your host. This direct line of communication allows for a more tailor-made stay. For instance, if you’re traveling with young children, planning a special surprise, or have particular requirements, it’s easier to convey these directly to your host.

Are there any drawbacks to direct bookings?

A: While the article focuses on the benefits of direct bookings, one potential drawback could be missing out on the user reviews and comparison features offered by online platforms. However, many travelers find that the benefits of direct bookings outweigh these considerations.

Is direct booking safe?

Direct booking is generally safe, especially if you’re communicating with established businesses. However, it’s always a good practice to ensure that you’re dealing with reputable places. Consider checking reviews on independent platforms or seeking recommendations from fellow travelers.

Can I still use technology for my travel planning and make direct bookings?

Yes, you can still consult digital resources like travel blogs, guides, or websites for research and insights, and then make a direct booking once you’ve chosen a place to stay.

Does direct booking mean I won’t have any digital records of my reservation?

Not necessarily. Many businesses will provide a digital confirmation via email or other electronic means when you book directly, ensuring you have a record of your reservation.

Why is direct booking particularly important in places like NWB?

In regions like NWB, a significant portion of the travel businesses are small-scale and locally-owned. Direct bookings can be crucial for the prosperity of these businesses, ensuring they aren’t losing substantial amounts of their revenue to online booking platform commissions.

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