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Perancak is home to three different kind of turtles: the Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and Leatherbacks. In the 1960’s turtle poaching was at its peak in the island of Bali, the consequences of this was that turtles stopped coming to make their nests and that in the long run the population of turtle was almost depleted. In order to counteract the effect of this intensive hunt, turtle conservations started appearing all over the island.  The biggest and the most well known one is located in Serangan and is till running however a smaller one was also created, the turtle conservation of Perancak: KURMA ASIH!

Kurma Asih is an effort led by the community of Perancak to save what is left of the turtle population, over the years they have experienced success and have noticed an exponential increase in the turtle conservation. Their efforts to save turtle happens in three distinct steps: the first one is collecting nests that are found on the beach and placing them in their nursery. This allows them to control the turtle population and to make sure the turtle eggs do not fall victim to predator. The second step of their initiative is to keep baby turtles that have just hatched for two weeks before releasing them, this allows them to make sure the turtles are strong and healthy enough to survive by themselves. If unfortunately turtles were found to be too weak they would be kept at the conservation in conditions that simulate their natural environment. The last effort of Kurma Asih is research, using the turtles that could not live by themselves the staff of Kurma Asih studies turtles intensively in order to care better for the future generations of turtles.

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