Villa Felix

Sumberkima Hill


Villa Felix

1 Room

2 Guests

1 Bed

1 Bathroom

Accommodation Type

Private Villa

Pool Type

Shared Pool


Volcanos | Oceans | Sunsets


Wifi | Airconditioning | Kitchen | Coffee / Tea Station | Balcony | Dining Room | Garden | Living Room | Shared Gym | Pet Friendly | Daily Housekeeping | Safe/Locker | 24-hour front desk | Security Guard | Room Service | Couches / Sofa | Fridge - Large | Car Parking | Shuttle service | First Aid Kit | Fire Extinguisher

More information

Villa Felix is a one bedroom villa with a stunning minimalistic design. In this chic, modern abode that combines wood and concrete, you can gaze upon the sunset behind the volcanoes of Java. Barat National Park is in your backyard, a thrilling expanse of greenery in the wet season! Enjoy long swims in the community pool that sticks out at the world’s edge and sleep blissfully in the extra large bed of 2.40 x 2.40, knowing that you are waking up in paradise!

Note: you need to walk some stairs to reach this villa

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