Villa Cinta

Sumberkima Hill


Villa Cinta

1 Room

4 Guests

2 Beds

1 Bathroom

Accommodation Type

Private Villa

Pool Type

Private Pool


Oceans | Volcanos | Sunsets | Sunrise


Wifi | Airconditioning | Kitchen | Coffee / Tea Station | Balcony | Dining Room | Garden | Living Room | Shared Gym | Pet Friendly | Daily Housekeeping | Safe/Locker | 24-hour front desk | Room Service | Couches / Sofa | Fridge - Large | Car Parking | Shuttle service | First Aid Kit | Fire Extinguisher

More information

Villa Cinta, meaning ‘love’ in Indonesian, is the perfect retreat for couples or a family with two children. The bedroom opens to a pool with breathtaking views. Behind sliding doors, a bunk bed ensures privacy. On the top level, an airy lounge, kitchen, and balcony offer sweeping bay views.

Witness extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, gazing at distant volcanoes and the cosmic Bali Sea. Feel the seabreeze as you relax on the swing bed or loungers. Designed for luxury amid nature, Villa Cinta promises a dream-like stay.

Bedroom 1: one double bed, with a bunkbed behind sliding doors

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